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Experience the Best Chrome Extension for News Tracking: A Comprehensive Review

Discover the world of online news reading like never before with one of the top news aggregators on the Chrome Extension Store - the Readwise extension. Rated an impressive 4.94 out of 5, this chrome extension download is changing the way users engage with communication and information online. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the unique features that make this one of the best Chrome extensions available, with insights drawn from user reviews and the extension's aggregate rating.

What Sets Readwise Apart: Exceptional Features

The Readwise extension stands out in the crowded field of news aggregator apps, offering an all-inclusive reader experience. Its outstanding features include the ability to save online articles, email newsletters, RSS feeds, Twitter threads, PDFs, EPUBs, and more, for later reading . The Readwise extension, a revolutionary Google news aggregator , allows users to highlight and annotate web articles, making it an excellent tool for efficient news tracking.

User Reviews: The Good and The Bad

Users on the Chrome Extension Store have praised the Readwise extension for its versatile features and user-friendly interface. Eric Berglund, a satisfied user, lauds the extension, stating "Absolutely worth trying...for so many reasons." Others, like Ricardo Bracho, find it a game-changer for online news reading, saying that "Readwise has made my reviews a lot easier."

However, as with any application, the Readwise extension has some room for improvement. Kevin Weatherwalks noted that he was unable to find the "highlight and save to Readwise" option, which he previously found useful. David Slattery voiced concerns about the extension's potential impact on background processes in MacOS.

Why Choose Readwise: The Conclusion

Despite a few minor issues, the Readwise extension has proven to be an excellent tool for online news aggregation and news tracking. With its high aggregate rating and positive user reviews, it continues to shine as one of the best Chrome extensions for reading and managing communication and breaking news online.

Experience an improved way of online news reading by downloading the Readwise extension today. Try it for yourself and find out why it's considered one of the top news aggregators on the Chrome extension store.

Optimizes reading experience

Syncs with note-taking apps

Includes various reading sources

Requires existing Readwise account

Subscription needed post trial

42 reviews
11 Reviews For This Extension
Alex Curtis

Readwise is an awesome tool for remembering and reinforcing what you read. A lot of what we read now is from articles on the web and I love the way this extension works. It seemlessly allows you to highlight webpages and have them show up in readwise results. It also allows you to save to Readwise Reader for reading later when you come across a long article. I was on the fence with keeping my Readwise subscription when Reader was released and now I happily pay the subscription, it is very worth it now.

Charles Kahle

The Readers DOES NOT read highlights that are made in Foxit Phantom. I imported 20 pdf articles that I had scanned into text readable pdfs in Foxit Phantom to test out the conversion of reading my highliughts. These articles had numerous highlights and comments in them. NONE of the highlights or comments were picked up by Readwise. Further, all images abd tables imported with the article are not selectable or highlightable by Readwise either. Very disappointing. The only good news is that, now that I've already highlighted the articles, it is relatively simple to identify what needs to be highlighted in Readwise and go through and overlay highlights from Readwise on top of the existing highlights.

Jen Hardesty

Highlights only go to the reader and never get exported to anywhere. Can't get the highligher importer or the reader importer to show as connected and can't get them to export content either. Useless.

Pankaj Kabra

Reader is an amazong product! Really useful to do deep dives on papers and especially of great help in youtube videos!


Please remove the shortcut Alt+R or add an option to the extension to disable or change it, it is used by other sites inside the page operations that even when readwise not allowed for such site still this shortcut active and can't use it on that site


One thing I really miss: Reader from Readwise has some RSS Feeds where it can not load the full article (due to paywalls). Now opening the page in the browser and press the extension button will NOT overwrite the page it loaded from the RSS feed previously. Instead I have to delete the article in reader and then re-add it with the extension again. So a button like "Update the saved version" would be great

Abi Olvera

The reading and voice-to-text app I've been waiting for. I used to be a Pocket Premium subscriber even though their audio was terrible, kept pausing/freezing. Reader does everything Pocket does and MORE. I love long walks now because I get to listen to my articles the same I listen to my audiobooks. I also manages my highlights and offers AI to summarize articles. It's a Feed reader too - so replaced my Feedly. LOVE.

Aaron G

Outrageously amazing service, great extension which lets you highlight in the context of viewing the actual page! I actually subscribed before my free trial was over because it was so great I wanted to support them more.

Po-Jung Chen

This is an awesome app among all the highlight Apps I've ever used. However, one thing that annoys me is that when the website is in dark mode, I can no longer see the marked text. Please support highlighting text that is in dark mode.

Dan Balcauski

I love Readwise, but their support is atrocious. This extension mysteriously stopped working a couple of months ago and they won't respond to any support requests. It seems like their new company strategy is to focus all their effort on the new Reader platform and give up on the original product.


Have never had so many good things to say about not just one, but both of their apps. Absolutely worth trying it out for so many reasons.

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